Don Cheong Architect is a Malaysian registered Architect and Interior Design company formed in 1999. We are registered with Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM), Pertubuhan Arkitek-Arkitek Malaysia (PAM), Malayisan Institute of Interior Design (MIID), and Royal Institute of British Architect (RIBA).

Dplus Associates Sdn Bhd is a private limited company registered back in 2011 to work on 3D visualization, design & build projects, consortium consultancy and various forms of associations, joint ventures or partnerships - working relationship on various platforms. It is a vehicle to collaborate with the various technical or specialty fields in the building industry.


Our team, of approximately 35 persons strong, is made up of project directors, associates, and staffs which have under their wings a wide range of 5 to 35 years of experience. With a firm belief that team work is paramount for the execution of a successful architectural program, the culmination of years of experiences would set to deliver a comprehensively well thought-out designs. Understanding the local authorities in its myriad of requirements, we hope to deliver the most efficient ways for submission and approval of the project. Whilst during construction, we would want the grasp of good control on the work program during the contract implementation stages so as to successfully deliver the final product as intended.

The initial spark to set-up an Architectural practice has spread; from the simple form-space relationship of a building, moving out to the bigger picture of Master planning and Landscaping, whilst concurrently moving in to finer details of Interior, Furniture and Industrial Designs. In the midst of searching for an avenue of communication with our clients, we have also moved to 3D illustration and Animation. Hence, in the arena of building design we could cover a large scope of related works, and when we work in collaboration with the wider fields of consultants such as planners, engineers, surveyors, graphics and branding designers, we would have a complete solution for our clients' design need. In the face of the current expansion and challenges of our clients' requests and the need to synchronize working relationship among the various consultants, we are apt to take on the engagement of a Consortium Consultancy, or Design and Construct packages. These reflects the changes in the current demand for an Integrated Architectural Solution.

Don Cheong Architect Dplus Associates

Don Cheong Architect Dplus Associates


As a company that welcomes challenges, we would take on the projects entrusted to us passionately, working on the various possibilities which could present itself in different configurations so as to achieve a definitive solution; a decision that had to be made in collaboration with the clients. The advantage of the company having a pool of diverse experienced-based talents of Architects, Interior Designers, Planners, Landscape Architects, and Technical Personnel means that each project is brain-stormed to achieve the best possible outcome. It would be quite clear to anyone browsing through our company's Portfolio to realize that there is no one particular style that represents the company. Instead, a variation of forms and styles are being utilized; deriving at a final building product which is quite different one from the others.

There is, however, an approach to design which is consistent throughout each project; that is, our effort to fully understand our clients' requirements / needs, follow by a rigorous thinking process with contributions from the various talents in our office and external consultants. Brainstorming on the relationship of spaces, the experiences the path offers, axis, views here & beyond, the choice of architectural languages, and the donning of ‘styles’ if required. After which the ideas would be tested using CAD drawings and 3D modeling graphics, to test if the decisions made would be appropriate to the clients' need and the context of the project’s surrounding.

In the beginning of each project it is of utmost important to form a good communication between the clients and ourselves. Understanding our clients' true needs form the foundation of a successful project. Asking the right questions and probing the suspected hidden answers is an art in itself. This is reflected in the logo of DPLUS ASSOCIATES SDN BHD; an abstract expression of the letters d, p, and a in a form that looks like punctuation marks such as apostrophe, hyphens and commas - it is meant to denote the importance of careful listening, asking the right questions, and creating a constant communication line with our clients, as well as local authorities and other consultants in order to understand the correct decision to be made. The complexity of today’s projects demand that the Architect team be the coordinator; computing all inputs to form a successful project.

The logo for DON CHEONG ARCHITECT is meant to remind our team to “ to think out of the box”. The box in yellow defines the parametre or boundary of a project, such as the constraint of the site, the budget, target market & etc. The dot with its meteorite trail shows that it has successfully jump out of the box which is highlighted by the thick gray line and thin black line of a broke open cover. The thick and thin lines is also meant to create an emphasis to the yellow box, which denotes a youthful, refreshing, and upbeat company. The cliche - “ to think out of the box “ could only be seriously consider as our thinking process and attitude, if we push the project through the grinding of information gathered, group blasting brainstorming sessions, and left it to bake in a quiet individual’s meditative oven for a specific time - ensuring that it is not over or under bake, so that the project would turn out to be delicious, and it’s colour appetizing.

Don Cheong Architect Dplus Associates


Our office is made up of people from a wide range of age group, and we consider ourselves a young and vibrant company. It is important that we organize ourselves to learn from one another; the experienced teaches the fresh graduates, whilst the young would sometimes challenges the senior over their 'used-to-be', or 'normally-done-like-that' statement. Classes are organized in an ad hoc manner currently for learning lessons such as correct draughting techniques, 3D modelling, UBBL requirements, land matters, and contractual matters. We encourage a culture of sharing information and exchange of ideas; especially in an open office concept, with frequent brainstorming sessions on the open table in the middle of a double volume space, where all can hear, see, and say.

The interaction could become dynamic and passion ignited in that short one hour or so. There would be sessions for team leaders to share their projects and inviting comments and questions from the floors. It could also alternate with motivational and inspirational short stories from well-known authors. Then there are office field trips to sites and other such activities that is organized in the hope to keep the flame of passion alive! The demand of projects' datelines, however, very often overshadow those learning moments. Nevertheless, our office will try whenever we can because we often take on fresh graduates from universities, colleges, and sometimes even apprentices who starts from zero. It is the hope of the company that in the near future, a more structured system would be organized for those who are keen to learn and improve. It is both in the interest of the company and staffs to keep abreast to the latest.

Don Cheong Architect Dplus Associates